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How LifeSpray™ works

The LifeSpray™ range makes use of heavier than water formulations containing high quality vitamins in solution, the solutions when sprayed into the mouth settle through the saliva and actively disperse it, to come into direct contact with the mucus membranes in the mouth.

The mucus membranes allow the vitamins that are in solution to permeate through the wall of the mouth and are absorbed into your system. This enables LifeSpray™ to bypass the stomach, where in some instances between 80 and 100% of a supplement are destroyed by stomach acids. This enables LifeSpray™ to deliver over 80% of the dose into your system and at a much faster rate of absorption that by taking traditional oral supplements.

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All Children should be taking a Vitamin D Supplement –

(Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital)

It is now accepted that all children should be taking a Vitamin D Supplement. Vitamin D is made in the skin with the help of sunshine, however children are struggling to get enough sunshine with our modern life.

Much more time is been spent indoors and when we are outside we use sun screen, which although a sensible precaution means we may not get generate or RDA of Vitamin D.

However as a result most children would benefit from a Vitamin D Supplement this can help with the following, bone and teeth formation, growth and also has been indicated in the proper functioning of the immune system.

LifeSpray™ Sun Substitute is an easy to take Vitamin D Supplement Spray that all children can benefit from taking. LifeSpray™ Sun Substitute is available from our online store or stockists.

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Red Blood Cell Boost
The use of oral vitamin sprays allows the vitamins to enter the bloodstream immediately, allowing the body to absorb the intake of vitamin B12 quicker than an oral tablet.
Bone Menopause
Although you cannot completely prevent possible bone problems after the menopause, there is plenty you can implement into your lifestyle to reduce the risks. By increasing the intake and Vitamin D and K2, you can help protect your bones and increase bone health. Alongside calcium rich foods and exercise, you can help to slow down the effects of menopause.
B12 High Strength
By using a vitamin B12 spray you can help to increase energy levels, promote cell growth and also prevent any future conditions or diseases. The B12 has been show to improve the metabolism of stored fat into Energy, this combined with other aspects of weight loss, helps keep you energised and ensure that changes in energy
balance are better reflected in body fat composition.
Sun Substitute Balance – 400iu Vit D
Our bodies produce Vitamin D naturally with direct contact of daylight, however this may not always be an accessible factor for most of us. Instead, you can increase your Vitamin D absorption by adding supplements or vitamin oral sprays to your everyday diets.
Sun Substitute – 1000iu Vit D
Vitamin D can also help towards multiple conditions and diseases including asthma,diabetes, depression and high blood pressure. It has also been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s. Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis. By using a health oral spray, your body is able to absorb the Vitamin D supplement a lot quicker than tablet form.
Immune Boost
Our moods and actions can be altered due to a poor immune system, which may start to have an impact on both our personal and work life. By using an oral health spray, your immune system is absorbing vital vitamins and nutrients to help support a healthy lifestyle
Fetal Development
It is commonly recommended for pregnant women to add folic acid into their daily routine. Using a fetal development oral spray daily can help boost levels of folic acid in your system. With its simple application, the folic acid spray is instantly absorbed into the body.
Bone & Balance for Over 60’s
An oral spray for greater and faster uptake of Vitamins D and K2 for the maintenance of normal bone and collagen and reduce the risk of falling.